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Welcome to Belfonte/Bell School Child Nutrition Website


Children need healthy foods and physical activity to grow, learn and thrive.


Belfonte/Bell School and the Child Nutriton employees are dedicated to serving your children the healthy foods a child needs to grow and learn.


We offer Breakfast and Lunch during the school year.  These meals are part of the National School Lunch Program and comply with local, state and federal regulations.


Your child has the opportunity through the "Offer Versus Serve" system, to take at least three of the five food groups at lunch.  These food groups are: Meat/meat alternate; Vegetables/Fruit; Grains/Breads; Milk; Other Foods (Butter, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressing, pickles, etc.).


Students have a scheduled 30 minute lunch break.  This is to ensure that each student has time to eat a nourishing meal and not have to hurry.


Please feel free to visit your child at school and eat lunch with them.


Child Nutritrion Staff:

Belfonte School – Patricia Sidebottom and Teresa Hoover

Bell School – Lisa Kirk and Louann Smith